About CyberCounsel 

We are three specialist, highly qualified, independently recognised lawyers: Dean Armstrong QCDan Hyde and Sam Thomas

Our work led us to identify cyberlaw as a distinct and developing area of law and we wrote the first book explaining what it was and how it could be applied to tackle the vast array of cyber threats and attacks. We were the pioneers of cybersecurity law and practice and leaders in the field. As well as publishing the first textbook written by legal practitioners on all aspects of cyber law, we contribute to national and international journals and deliver lectures on this new area of law giving us practical insight to add to our academic expertise.

We are supported by leading national and international law firm Penningtons Manches, where Dan is a partner, and the acclaimed top tier barristers’ chambers 36 Group where Dean is a leading barrister (Queens Counsel). Sam is a junior barrister at the leading set of 2 Bedford Row. Together we are CyberCounsel.

Our versatility and knowledge means we can quickly assess what your case requires and assemble a team that is lean for smaller instructions or scaled up for the larger matters. 


Dean Armstrong QC 


Dean is a QC and one of the UK’s top-rated barristers.  As a result of his previous highly successful legal academic career followed by his thriving current high-profile practice as a QC, he is one of the most sought-after legal advocates in his field.

Having graduated in law from Cambridge University  he was called to the Bar and decided to first obtain real-world financial institution experience in The City, where he worked both as a lawyer for commercial enterprise and in solicitor private practice before returning to the Bar. Dean has been instructed in some of the highest profile cases of recent times.

Dean is an expert on cybercrime, has expertise in civil matters and data protection and is a media commentator for BBC and Sky. He delivers lectures to blue chip and other large institutions and has previously advised The Law Commission. 

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Dan Hyde

Dan is a partner at the international law firm Penningtons Manches and Visiting Professor of Law at Queen Mary, University of London. A leading cyber security lawyer, he has been instructed in a number of high profile cases and represents corporates and individuals. An adviser to the Law Commission on cyber security legislation, he has lectured at esteemed institutions (University of London, Lloyd's Underwriters and The Royal College of Surgeons) is contributing-editor of Modern Financial Regulation and contributing author of Managing Cybersecurity Risk (Editions 2 & 3). His articles on cybercrime are published in the quality press and his commentaries broadcast on television and radio.

The Legal 500, an independent directory, describes him as “calm under pressure” “skilled at managing the crossover between parallel civil and criminal proceedings” and “a lawyer of the highest calibre”. 

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Sam Thomas, 

Sam is a barrister at 2 Bedford Row, a top tier set of barristers’ chambers. Advocacy is at the forefront of his practice and he regularly appears at court to both prosecute and defend. Sam acted as Junior Disclosure Counsel for the Solicitor to the Hillsborough Inquests and has been instructed in highly complex inquiries involving complex and voluminous evidence. He has acted as Independent Disclosure Counsel for investigations by HMRC and the Department of Justice. He is fully conversant with issues of Data Protection and Legal Professional Privilege both in this jurisdiction and abroad and an expert in cybercrime.

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